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    These Are Etsy’s Top 2020 Home Decor Trends

    The data doesn’t lie—here are the most sought-after motifs on Etsy.

    Etsy home decor trends

    It goes without saying that we’ve all been spending a lot of time in our homes so far in 2020. So when you look around that home, what do you see? If you see bee motifs, burled wood, or even a classic 1970s sunset, then you’re not alone, according to the experts at Etsy, which has just released its annual list of the year’s top home decor trends. For this year, perhaps it’s no coincidence that nature plays a role in many of these trends, as bringing the outdoors in—never a bad idea—is especially important right now. Read on to explore the trends and to shop them from some of Etsy’s top makers.

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    1 Redefined Resin
    MiniEarthWonders etsy.com

    “Redefined resin” has made its way to the top, such as in this doorknob with real flowers embedded inside. As Etsy’s resident trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson says: “We’re seeing it show up everywhere from furniture to accent pieces to wall decor. Sellers are taking advantage of the versatile material and creating intricate pieces that double as artwork.”

    2 Burled Wood
    SAWLiveEdge etsy.com

    Known for the way it shows off the wood grain, burled wood is appearing in furniture in a big way this year.

    3 ’70s Sunsets
    Circa78Designs etsy.com

    Everyone is craving a warm sunset right now, with Etsy reporting a 99 percent increase in searches for sunset art—but with a retro twist that’s more reminiscent of decades gone by. 

    4 Eco-Conscious Fabrics
    SecretsAndThings etsy.com

    More and more people are purchasing sustainable and eco-friendly products like this organic bedding, proving that you can sleep in comfort and style while saving the earth. 

    5 Suspended Planters
    WoodaHome etsy.com

    You can never have too many plants indoors. But nowadays people are looking for other ways to display them. “Shoppers are getting creative with their spaces and increasingly opting for planters that they can display on their walls and ceilings,” Isom Johnson says.

    6 Bee Motifs
    AngiolettiDesigns etsy.com

    People are truly buzzing about this trend, which you can find on wallpaper, kitchenware, tabletop items, and more.

    7 Seashell Shapes
    NewTimesFinds etsy.com

    Time and time again, seashells have proven to be an enduring decor theme, whether you’re in a beach house or not. 

    8 Ancient Accents
    lilmaisons etsy.com

    In addition to those retro sunsets, shoppers are looking back even further for inspiration—Etsy has seen an increase of late on searches for Greek and Roman statuettes and planters. 

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